Book Review: Break The Cycle: The Narcissistic Abuse Handbook

Navigating relationships, whether they be romantic or familial, can often be a difficult task, but when one or both parties suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), the journey becomes even more treacherous. In Break The Cycle: The Narcissistic Abuse Handbook, Jake Avendaño offers a lifeline to those struggling with dealing with narcissistic loved ones, friends, or coworkers. With his own personal experience and insightful research, Avendaño has crafted a handbook that is both informative and empathetic.

From the start, the book delves into the various types of NPD and outlines their traits, making it easier for the reader to identify these behaviors in their own relationships. Throughout the book, the author provides concrete examples and scenarios to demonstrate these traits, making it easier for readers to relate and apply his advice to their own lives. Moreover, the book offers tools and techniques to counter narcissistic behaviors, helping the reader feel empowered and better equipped to handle these challenging relationships.

One of the strongest aspects of this book is Avendaño’s compassionate and understanding approach. He acknowledges that many narcissistic behaviors stem from feelings of self-doubt, shame, and fear of rejection, offering a deeper understanding of the reasons behind the actions of those with NPD. This ultimately allows the reader to approach the situation with compassion, while still recognizing the need to set boundaries and protect oneself.

Avendaño’s own experiences as a single father further strengthen the legitimacy of his advice. By sharing his personal journey, the author helps the reader understand that they are not alone in their struggle and that it is possible to find a way out. His dedication to helping others who are in similar situations is evident throughout the book, making it a powerful and empathetic resource.

Break The Cycle also offers invaluable advice for those dealing with custody and co-parenting issues, as well as guidance on healing and moving on from narcissistic abuse. This makes the book a comprehensive guide for those looking to break free from the shackles of narcissistic relationships and create a safer, happier future for themselves and their loved ones.

Overall, Break The Cycle: The Narcissistic Abuse Handbook is a vital tool for anyone dealing with a narcissistic relationship, whether they are in the process of leaving or still trying to navigate their way through it. Jake Avendaño’s compassionate approach, coupled with his personal experience and in-depth research, makes this book an essential read for those looking to break free from the cycle of abuse and reclaim their self-worth. Highly recommended. Find it here.


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